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IT Consulting Services

**Not all of our clients and projects are represented here.

Portfolio Highlight

Deluxe Corp

With a telecom contract expiration, TMC was engaged by Deluxe to conduct a network services re-negotiation project to establish refreshed and competitive pricing. TMC performed the following:


  • Compiled information from Deluxe based on reports and vendor records to allow for a complete record of internet, voice services and data networks. All usage and bandwidth records/documentation for internet, wide area voice/data networks.

  • Using current invoice reports and other service provider information, summarized all major unit WAN costs.

  • Reviewed and examined the current vendor(s) service history, service costs, and overall responsiveness to Deluxe’s performance requirements.

  • Meetings were scheduled with Deluxe management to discuss current and future needs for the networks under review.

  • Presented ideas for optimizing the networks and cover new features and options not available with the existing networks that would prove beneficial. Also, identified possible areas where costs could be eliminated or modified to better suit Deluxe’s requirements.

  • Final designs of the local and wide area voice/data networks were determined and reviewed by TMC and Deluxe personnel.

  • Full process of developing the Request for Pricing documentation.

  • As vendors were preparing their information, TMC responded to questions and provided necessary clarification. 

  • Proposals and responses were evaluated to determine the vendor(s) that best met the performance and pricing requirements of Deluxe.

  • Conducted final contract negotiation with the selected vendor(s).

  • Reviewed first invoices from vendors to ensure proper costs were billed.

TMC recommendation of a split award between two major service providers resulted in meeting current contractual commitments with annual savings of over $1,700,000.


Technology Consulting & Advisory

Telecom Cost Audit & Reduction




Annual savings of over $1,700,000

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