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Technology Consulting


Detroit, Michigan

TMC lead a carrier documentation, needs assessment, design, bidding and negotiation process for all Operating Companies under the Masco umbrella. This process covered all areas of the WAN including:

• Long distance voice
• Local voice
• Data circuits
• Internet services
• Feeding of retail store kiosks service all of Home Depot sites
• Wireless services
• Data center optimization

The initial resultant savings was in excessive of $2.1 million per year for a total of $6.3 million over the three-year term on just the long-distance voice and data spend.

An additional $1.3 million per year resulting in a phase 2 savings of $3.9 million was also identified for the local exchange, internet and wireless services once the major long distance and data services were converted.

This massive savings was able to be achieved will still using dual Tier One carriers for the primary services and a third Tier One carrier for built in business continuity and disaster recovery.

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