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Technology Consulting


Coon Rapids, Minnesota

TMC was engaged by Medtronic to assist with analyzing invoices for billing accuracy and compliance. Medtronic has been consolidating voice and data invoices on locations worldwide and is at a stage where the invoices need reviewing. TMC was brought in to focus on the Global WAN Verizon invoice, contains roughly 250 locations and approximately 1,800 circuits. Medtronic also needed timely and accurate communications from management to all employees is very important to the company, shareholders and customers. As a result, Medtronic engaged TMC to prepare, issue and analyze the responses for a Request for Information (RFI) for a next generation Video Over IP (ViOIP) systems in advance of the next budget planning cycle.

TMC provided was a projected annual savings of $1.7 Million with a minimal migration cost of $440k. Additional potential savings from LEC and other voice services are $1.3M. In addition, TMC was successfully able to negotiate multiple credits for new circuits and for remaining circuits significantly impacting the savings to Medtronic and its operating companies.

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