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National Pen

Project type

Technology Consulting


San Diego, California

TMC was contracted to conduct the discovery and requirements to replace the legacy, enterprise i3/Genesis, multi-site, administrative/office and 1,700-agent contact center through an RFP process. The full RFP process was brought to vendor finalist presentations for cloud/hosted solutions. Just prior to the shortlist down to two vendors for award, an opportunity presented itself for the parent corporation to gain additional discounts for themselves and all of the corporations under the umbrella of the parent company. We were able to use all of the discovery and requirements, specifications and vendor pricing for hardware, software/licenses and ongoing operating costs to negotiate a deeper discount for not only National Pen but also, all other corporations under the umbrella of the parent company. This resulted in an additional discount of several points under the entire umbrella, additional discounted pricing for all cloud voice usage, international voice pricing, licensing, state of the art contact center analytics, campaign integration and management of outbound campaigns. Seamless integration for all multi-national site integration for office and contact center applications on the AWS cloud platform.

TMC was additionally contracted to audit and optimize all domestic and international sites on all WAN carriers, geo-redundancy for the contact centers, long term credits due and cost reduction while 2x to 10x increases in capacity, and eliminating legacy services. A total of $828,290 was identified for credits plus $123,701 in taxes and surcharges along with monthly reductions in excessive of 80% and very substantial savings identified for the colocation site in TX.

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