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Dunwoody College of Technology

Project type

Technology Consulting


Minneapolis, Minnesota

TMC was engaged by Dunwoody to assist with an IT technology requirements and full IT refresh to set the stage for improved student delivery at greatly increased capacities and decreased risks to overcome the aging: fiber/copper cable within and feeding the campus, WAN, Telecommunications Rooms, Wi-Fi, servers, phone system, LAN and WAN IT infrastructures. Years of CAPEX budget challenges resulted in inadequate speed and capacity, required a multi-year and shrewd vendor negotiations approach to provide an expandable, flexible IT infrastructure to bring flexibility to compete with other college program delivery which were being presented to the prospective and continuing students. This meant a completely different approach to meet the needs of student/ curriculum/ instructor interaction. This encompassed an IT risk assessment, network documentation and capacity planning, WAN RFP process for connectivity, wireless, fiber and LAN design.

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