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City of Miramar

Project type

Technology Consulting


Miramar, Florida

City of Miramar originally engaged the TMC team to assist with an information security management program (ISMP), ISO27001 security posture assessment, and high-level PCI DSS v3.1 gap analysis.

The ISMP security posture assessment was based on ISO 27001/27002:2013 standards for a security baseline definition.

In addition, a high-level PCI DSS v3.1 gap analysis was performed to identify the City of Miramar’s current posture with PCI DSS v3.1 and the SAQ-D as a Service Provider and Merchant under PCI compliance standards.

The TMC team assisted the City of Miramar with IT security related projects such as;

• ISO 27001/27002:2013 ISMP security posture assessment
• High-Level PCI DSS v3.1 gap analysis
• Gap Remediation Cost Magnitude Estimate
• Prioritization of critical gaps to remediate
• Gap Remediation Work-Effort Estimate

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