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Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport - Data Center

Project type

Technology / Low Voltage Design


Bloomington, Minnesota

TMC provided all IT professional service elements of the project starting with justification of the need for a new data center and then site selection all the way through equipment determination, bidding and commissioning of the new, state-of-the-art data center for the MAC. TMC assisted with the actual location of the facility as well as the computer room design including the assessment of current and future servers for replacement or relocation. Design included the determination of the power capacity needed for state-of-the-art cabinet loading, to ensure that virtualization of servers would have sufficient electrical power from initial occupancy and into the future. The correct capacity would decrease construction costs and increasing efficiency. Upon completion of the new data center, determining servers for migration, upgrades, replacement and detailed quoting began.

Alongside of this new data center, we conducted a full design of all major distribution server and LAN and fiber ring facilities in support of the new data center.

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