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Target Center Arena

Project type

Technology / Low Voltage Design


Minneapolis, Minnesota

The City of Minneapolis owns and operates the building serving the Timberwolves and Lynx who are the major tenants. The facility needed to become competitive in the NBA and WBA. This was initially planned to be a facility upgrade but soon turned into a full blown major remodel in all areas such as: architectural elements, MEP and IT. The IT infrastructure was fueled by analog systems in excess of 20 years old with minimal expansion capability.

• Full replacement of the Access Control system allowing an immediate doubling of capacity with room to expand further.
• Full replacement of the CCTV system and conversion to IP cameras, increased Field of View, Pixel/resolution and doubling of capacity on an immediate basis with room to expand as the facility grows.
• Full update and replacement of the Wireless network design to accommodate the latest Wi-Fi standards
• Expansion capability for the CCTV system to add IP camera coverage into the skyways and adjoining facilities feeding the arena for improved security by simply adding IP cameras and storage devices.
• The new layout for the Wi-Fi system will enable the arena to provide best in class NBA standards.
• Target Center is a nominee for Sports Facility of the Year.

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