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5 Ways to Save Money on Technology Expenses

2020 has been quite the year of chaos, but that doesn’t mean your business needs to suffer and spend more money on areas that you should be saving. One of the easiest area to save money in is technology.

Here’s some tips and tricks you can use to save money on technology expenses!

1. Full Inventory & Cost Analysis

Perform a full inventory and cost analysis so you can better understand what telecom inventory and expenses you have and compare it to what you actually need.

2. Breakdown Technology Invoices into Categories

You may know how much you paid overall but how about by cell phone usage? Equipment? Licenses? Landlines?

3. Increase Your Data Awareness

Data provides users with countless capabilities, but there is endless amounts to know about it. Find out how much data your company uses, which users and activities use the largest amount, and if you are using less than what you are paying for.

4. Negotiate – Consolidate – Update

Now’s the time to negotiate your current rates, consolidate or bundle your services and update your technology, which can all find you the savings you need.

5. Conduct an Independent Technology Audit

This brings in a team of professionals who are technology expense experts. They do not disrupt your workflow or take up too much of your time. The result is savings right into your pocket, that you can use towards things that matter most to your business.

“Not only did you save us a signification amount of money, but you also took what could have been a long process, executed quickly and led us to a solution that met our needs.” CIO of a National Retail Company (a TMC client)

What we have to offer you!

We offer a 100% free, no obligation consultation for any company considering our Technology Audit & Cost Reduction service. Email us at or call us at 952-470-0217.


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