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Cyber Risks for Healthcare Facilities

The healthcare industry is no stranger to cybersecurity challenges. Data breaches cost the industry about $5.6 billion each year. Healthcare organizations obviously deal with sensitive, private data every day and as hackers increasingly target the healthcare industry, hospitals in particular need to be especially watchful for these five cybersecurity threats. Not to mention, there is now a major increase in patients due to COVID-19 and the regulations surrounding it to keep hospital and patient information safe.

  • Phishing Attacks: Up 600% since the COVID-19 outbreak. Hospital staff need to be educated on the potential threats that lurk in their inboxes.

  • Malware & Ransomware: Malware can infiltrate a system through several channels. It can be downloaded by mistake, via a phishing attack as just described, come through software vulnerabilities, sneak into the network through encrypted traffic and more. Hospital IT staff must be vigilant and monitor all the pathways malware can enter through.

  • Encryption Blind Spots: Encryption has proven to be a great tool for protecting data, especially as it transfers back and forth between on-premise users and external cloud applications. However, hackers have figured out how to hide in encrypted traffic, using it as a means to avoid detection.

  • Cloud Threats: The healthcare industry has historically been hesitant to adopt cloud-based applications and storage due to security and data privacy concerns. But the benefits of cloud are compelling, and healthcare organizations are now increasingly turning to the cloud to help improve patient care and collaboration. As they begin to shift to the cloud, there are still a number of variables that need to be accounted for, such as data compliance.

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