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5 Reasons Why Your Construction Project Needs an IT Low Voltage Consultant Like Us

#1 Find savings for the client, where you least expect it.

#2 Expert negotiation during the RFP process to ensure the client isn’t getting a bad deal with the installation vendor.

#3 Provide 35 years of specialized experience on IT/Low Voltage services on construction projects.

#4 Utilize thousands of connections throughout the IT industry that enables us to bring the best solutions to the client.

#5 Experience working with many of the industry leading architects, engineers and MEP firms.

About Us

Founded in 1987, Technology Management Corporation (TMC) is a leading IT Consulting & Low Voltage Design firm with a top caliber team of consultants. We pride ourselves in our client-centered approach that has proven successful over the last 30+ years. Our client verticals include Enterprise, Healthcare, Government, Education, Sports and Aviation. TMC brings a team of true IT experts. From writing the books on the subject to spending the last 40 years in their given area of technology. We work alongside architects, engineers, construction managers and owner representatives throughout the construction phases to bring the best possible result to the client.

Do you need to fulfill a DBE/WBE/SBE requirement?

We are proud to be a certified small, woman-owned business! Most government related projects usually include a participation goal for small businesses and other designations. We hold DBE, WBE and SBE certifications throughout the USA. We can help fulfill participation goals as an IT/Low Voltage Consultant, for your project!


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