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Safer Schools

While our nations’ schools are expected to be safe havens for our students to learn, unintentional injuries, COVID-19 cases and even violence can occur, disrupting the educational process and negatively affecting the school and surrounding community.

As technology consultants and advocates for safer schools, we recommend investments in communication strategies, comprehensive school safety plans, life safety security systems, improved tip lines, and enhanced maintenance of technology & security infrastructure.

A fast track to creating a safer school environment using technology:

  • Gather better information on what technologies work for your school.

  • Create technology design solutions that can pass a test in real-world settings.

  • Develop an all-hazards safety/security design and strategic plan.

  • Ensure that the technology being considered will integrate with the school's current system

  • Identify the school's needs, budget, and community values before selecting a technology.

Technology Management Corporation (TMC) is a leading IT Consulting & Low Voltage Design firm with a team of top caliber consultants. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in Technology Consulting, IT/AV Low Voltage Design and Telecom Audits services. We have specific expertise in security optimization and strategic safety planning for educational facilities.


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