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What does being Vendor-Neutral truly mean?

It may be a little controversial and believe us when we say it can be confusing but in today's world, we believe there is a blurred line between being vendor-neutral and being vendor-agnostic.

To be clear, our definition of a vendor agnostic company is an organization that provides all or many vendor solutions making it appear as though they are "neutral" when in actuality, they make a commission off of whatever solution they sell you. They could represent 10 different vendors and offer a "neutral" recommendation to you, knowing it will be 1 of the 10 vendors they represent and they will make a commission. They might even offer the design of your system "for free", but nothing is ever really free is it?

We are the old-school definition of vendor-neutral. We are not a vendor, manufacturer, value-added reseller, distributor, service provider or carrier. We are 100% independent and ONLY represent the best interests of our client. Since we represent zero products and zero vendors, the solutions specified and recommended evolve from the needs of the client.

We truly want what is best for the client. We pride ourselves in our client centered values to build trust and respect with all people on any given project. We create long-lasting relationships, not only with clients but with other industry leaders.

Now don't get us wrong, we work with vendors, manufacturers, service providers and distributors every single day. But we do it as a neutral representative of our client to make sure they are getting what they paid for. That being said, to the vendors reading this - over our years of consulting we have awarded contracts to all major vendors, totaling nearly $1.2B through our independent, neutral representation. So yes, we do work with vendors and award them business but ONLY if they are the correct recommendation for our clients.

As a company policy, TMC strictly prohibits any interest in, agreement with or affiliation with any equipment or carrier vendor or installer to buy, sell or receive any form of compensation for any equipment recommended or purchased by the facility on the part of the company or any individual employed by TMC. This policy is maintained to ensure that all equipment and carrier assessments and purchasing recommendations are in our client's best interest.

In our opinion, a consulting firm cannot honestly state that they will act in the best interests of a client if they are tied in any way to a vendor.

  • This means no financial gain to be had by the consultant in any way from a vendor.

  • No agency agreements with any vendor of any kind.

  • No partnership agreements with any vendor of any kind.

  • This means no dependency on a vendor or vendors for favors.

  • No use of vendor resources to complete a project that a consulting firm would normally handle in house if they had the certifications and/or expertise.

  • A consultant must not rely or depend on vendors for lead generation.

  • A consultant must never accept unusual financial scams to push money towards the consultant’s pocket.

  • A consultant must be able to look any client in the eye and state without hesitation that they are non-biased and will act only in the interest of the client to better their technology and well-being.

Like we said, we're a bit old-school in that way. But bringing that old-school methodology into a world of constant technology changes, evolving vendor methods, and increased complexity, is how our clients have been able to get the technology they need. Our clients have expressed their deep gratitude in knowing they had someone to turn to that wasn't just going to sell them on the latest product (and take a referral fee while their at it).

Again, we know it can be a bit controversial but our integrity to our clients is everything.

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