IT Strategic Planning

IT Strategic Planning


Whether for a new building, a renovation or a company reorganization, an IT Strategic Plan can establish workable standards, reduce risk of unwanted chaos, minimize costly downtime, increase the efficient use of technology resources and make sure your company’s technology is future-proof. Your company needs an IT Strategic Plan to ensure a bullet-proof strategy for all of your technology.

Technology Management Corporation (TMC) has over 30 years of experience in IT Strategic Plans for large scale corporations and projects. We strive to understand your goals and troubleshoot each requirement and circumstance to determine present and future needs. Choosing the right course of action is critical in minimizing life-cycle costs.

Things we consider when building your IT Strategic Plan:

  • The latest industry standards and long-term trends for equipment, networks and infrastructure
  • Comparison of manufacturer functions, features and life cycles of products
  • Total Cost of Ownership for an established multi-year budget
  • Process & timeline for deployment, conversions and upgrades
  • Strategic planning for on-going support and replacement
  • CAPEX and OPEX spend strategy towards overall objectives
  • Minimizing downtime to help facilitate more efficient operations

TMC also has over 30 years of experience in Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning. We are experts at identifying vulnerabilities, assessing critical infrastructure and networks, giving clients all their options and building the infrastructure and plans that save your uptime and speed of recovery. We’ve been through more true disasters than you can imagine – floods, fires, power outages, downed satellites, cable cuts, earthquakes, bomb threats, fraud, cyber breaches, tornadoes, hurricanes and equipment failures.

TMC can provide responsible IT strategies based on our decades of experience. Contact us for your company’s IT Strategic Plan.

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