Phone System Upgrade & RFP Process

Phone System Upgrade & RFP Process


The new method of delivery, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Ethernet, have taken over, allowing voice and data services to merge. The time to prepare for your company’s migration to the new method is NOW.

So, what is VoIP? It essentially means voice transmitted over a digital network, the internet. Thus, VoIP means voice that travels via the same protocols as the internet. It can also be referred to as IP Telephony (IPT). So, what does Ethernet have to do with it? Ethernet is a term that is used to define a group of technologies that are interconnected to each other. VoIP uses ethernet to connect to the internet and transmit voice.

Carriers are no longer accepting new customers for these legacy services and VoIP has become the baseline for new technologies and applications. Businesses need guidance on a migration strategy to VoIP and also the ever growing list of new options and applications being offered by vendors.

The good news is that VoIP services have become better and cheaper. Not to mention, combined invoices and shorter implementation time.

TMC’s 30 years of experience can help your company create the building blocks to migrate. Our team of experts will manage the process to ensure your network is converted before the legacy phone network delivery is shut down for good. We only design what you need without the added complications. In other words, we KEEP IT SIMPLE.

With our 4-Phase approach, we successfully analyze your current technologies then determine how to strategically transition to the new VoIP platform and appropriate applications. As with all transitions, we analyze your business structure during our process so the timing equals minimal business interruptions and a smooth conversion. As our primary concern is to increase efficiency and savings for your technology needs, we consider customer relations management, return on investment and staffing needs whether a single site or multi-location operation.

TMC will provide you with responsible IT solutions based on decades of experience.

Contact us at TMC to develop fast and effective communication systems with VoIP technology.


1. Retail Company – TMC was retained for the conversion from analog to IP, redesign of the multi-carrier fiber delivered network and audited all telecom services. TMC’s services helped to achieve a new, workable wide area network design, removed all single points of failure, migrated the client to the new IP platform, decommissioned of legacy data environment and saved the client an excess of $200,000 per year while increasing capacity.

2. Financial Corporation – TMC was engaged to create a strategic plan which included an upgrade of the outdated phone system, wide area network, redesign to fiber, local area network infrastructure and perform a multi-year budget. With the help of TMC, this corporation was seamlessly transferred over to the new converged network, increased their bandwidth by 600% and doubled their voice capacity, all while remaining budget neutral.

3. Retail/Contact Center – TMC was brought in for WAN architecture redesign for this multi-location retail and manufacturing client. The design brought the sites from the analog environment to a high capacity Ethernet converged network. Savings for this totaled to be over $600,000 per year.