Telecom Cost Recovery & Network Audit

Telecom Cost Recovery & Network Audit


How would you know if you are ACTUALLY saving money? The facts are that you need to verify on a regular basis that you are getting the telecom service you are paying for and that you are paying for what you truly need.

Technology Management Corporation (TMC) has over 30 years of experience in evaluating networks, assessing voice/data/internet services and determining the accuracy of the telecommunication invoices you are receiving. TMC consultants know what to look for and can identify opportunities for technology changes to ensure best possible rates and increased capacity. Our favorite thing to do is help all sizes and types of companies save on their everyday overhead/ telecommunication expenses (internet and phone bills).

We are a vendor-neutral IT consulting firm, meaning we have no affiliation with any carrier, product or service provider. We value our clients and keep our integrity & loyalty to only the client so we only recommend what is best for you!

We have an outstanding average of 42% savings with an average ROI of 3 months and 99.99% uptime, when we help our clients. You get to keep the savings we find for you!

Over the past 30 years, we have saved a total of over $287 million for our clients.

Our 4-Phase approach is streamlined to help our clients determine exactly what they need and get it for the best price.

Contact us at TMC to optimize your wide area network and find your company massive savings!


1. Medical Company – $5.1 million in savings over three years. Additional savings of $1.3 million on voice services.

2. Law Firm – $1.4 million over three years with ROI of 5.5 weeks with zero downtime for changes.

3. Professional Photography Company – Savings of 32-87% on each contract with an additional $200,000 in savings.

4. High Tech Broadcasting Company – $2 million in savings over a three-year period, with an additional $136,700 in credits.

5. Retail Company – $257,000 in savings.