Wide Area Network (WAN) Architecture

Wide Area Network (WAN) Design & Optimization


Wide Area Network (WAN), is the glue that keeps the company’s communication lines together. If you have ever wondered how your multi-location company is able to communicate (emails, phone calls, file sharing, use of CCTV, Wi-Fi and DAS, etc.), across a distance or how employees are able connect to each other, it all comes down to your company’s WAN. It is the “magic hands behind the curtains” that keeps companies running smoothly.

Technology Management Corporation (TMC), as a company, was built on WAN design and optimization. With over 32 years of experience in evaluating networks, determining the client’s true needs, maximizing efficiency and increasing the effectiveness of the client’s WAN. Not to mention, the 40+ years of experience in wide area networks, that our founder possesses. TMC is a vendor-neutral IT consulting firm. We do not sell products and are not a service provider. Therefore, we don’t have affiliation with any vendor. Throughout the process, we only recommend what is best for our client.

Things we consider when optimizing your WAN:

  • Carrier and service diversity at your site and in the roadways
  • High availability design
  • Terms and conditions of your carrier contracts
  • Issues due to carrier mergers and acquisitions
  • Cloud vs. enterprise vs. blended solutions
  • Securing the WAN infrastructure

Contact us today to optimize your company’s communication through WAN. We will walk you through it step by step.


  • WAN review and assessment
  • Contract, terms and conditions negotiation
  • Redundancy for maximum uptime
  • WAN design

We can assist clients ranging from government facilities, sports venues or a Fortune 500 Corporation design their security program to protect their assets, employees, and visitors. Resulting in an efficient and effective network for your company.