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Portfolio: Sports & Entertainment

Technology Low Voltage Design

**Not all of our clients and projects are represented here.

Portfolio Highlight

US Bank Stadium

TMC provided technology design services from Pre-Design to Construction Administration for the new construction of the multi-use US Bank Stadium and Super Bowl 52. TMC was responsible for design and specification of the Internet Protocol Television System, LAN including server/data center distribution and aggregation, core network and firewalls, high density W-Fi, all Communications Rooms (TRs), MPOE, APOP/MPOP and Data Center for a new multi-use stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Here's a bit more about our technology design scope:

  • Data Center and Telecommunications Rooms layouts and elevations; LAN Design

  • Converged IP Data Network all hardware – routers, firewalls, switches, servers – to support approximately 10,000 IP enabled devices for the new stadium

  • High-density Wi-Fi system (coverage, APs, antennas and controllers) in support of fans, all security and police forces, concession functions, revenue opportunities, suites, restaurants, hand offs to adjacent Wi-Fi systems such as City of Minneapolis city wide and mass transportation systems. 

  • IP TV system feeding over 2,000 IP TVs

  • IP Telephony System

  • Design, capacity planning, full specification creation, bidder analysis and negotiations of bids and implementation project management

  • Conduct full assessment of risk levels for FEMA designations, crowd control, compliance of interaction between all security groups such as FBI, City Police, private security details, etc. along with Press and operations

  • Determination of levels of redundancy for full operational needs, placement of IT equipment for survivability and risk mitigation

  • Clarifying information and creating an “apples to apples” comparison for Review Committee; driving a truly viable comparison of vendors offering the same platform.

  • Implementation of IPT system will follow construction readiness


Technology Design

Pre-Schematic through Construction Administration



Robust 140GB LAN infrastructure speeds


Wi-Fi capacity of 85,000 users


1,300 HD Wi-Fi access points (expandable to Washington Ave, 5th Ave, 8th St & I-35) and 1200 DAS antennas


550 miles of fiber into the stadium


6,200 miles of Cat6 Ethernet copper wiring into the stadium


122 additional new or enhanced AT&T cell sites and 230 Verizon small cell sites

Over 9,000 ports (devices) report to the stadium LAN

Six - 10GB circuits coming into the stadium

Estimated 15-24TB in one day inside the stadium itself successfully delivered

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