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Telecom Expense Management & Reduction

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Know the Facts

  • U.S. businesses waste over $38 billion per year, mostly due to telecom company errors (Aberdeen).

  • Today, telecom services are often the third largest expense for companies after payroll and property. With that, it's important to know some facts.

  • Up to 85% of mid-market company telecom bills are paid in full and never audited by the organization.

  • When a typical telecom audit is conducted, billing analysts often examine a small subset of invoices, potentially leaving millions of dollars on other telecom spend areas.

Today, telecom companies have made it near impossible for you to understand your bills and what you are being charged for. While you may be able to dispute a charge here or there, a full telecom cost recovery service is an excellent resource to find you maximum savings.

Our unique process is two-fold. First is the telecom bill review, which is where most companies stop. We go a step further with the second part of our process, the network review. We review your network structure, service contracts and more, to find millions of dollars hiding in plain sight. With over 33 years of experience doing just that, we leave no stone unturned to help businesses recover thousands to millions of dollars.

Some common issues:

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Real Results

An average savings of 42% on total monthly or annual spend (we have saved up to 92% for some clients)

Fast turnaround and ROI

Telecom budget prediction and control

Save time by increased staff and network efficiency

100% peace of mind for you, your CFO and IT Department

Decrease in time wasted negotiating with vendors and carriers.

Still have questions?

Check out of FAQs below.

Client Examples

Over the last 35 years, we have serviced every major industry with our Telecom Audit & Cost Reduction services. Here's are a few examples.




K-12 Schools of Minnesota


Minneapolis-St. Paul Intl Airport




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Deluxe Corporation

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