Why Choose


01. Experienced Consultants

TMC’s staff of experienced technology professionals offers expertise in all areas of sophisticated communications technologies. Our consultants have an average of 30 years of telecommunications experience and have a thorough knowledge of the communication industry and business applications. These resources are available to meet any needs of the project team. TMC and our consultants have worked on hundreds of projects over the last 33 years with retailers, corporate, government, healthcare, and more. TMC's consultants hold many of the major certifications for cyber security, software/hardware, project management and more.

02. Project Approach

TMC has a defined project philosophy and approach for working with a client. We act as an extension of the staff.  We free up the IT employees to allocate their time to more value-added day to day operations.  Our approach is to work with you, not replace you.  As we proceed through our projects, we help our clients understand what we do so that they can be empowered to become independent of us.

03. Vendor Neutral

We are not a vendor, manufacturer, value-added reseller, distributor, service provider or carrier. We are 100% independent and ONLY represent the best interests of our client. We truly want what is best for the client. We pride ourselves in our client centered values to build trust and respect with all people on any given project. We create long-lasting relationships, not only with clients but with other industry leaders.

04. Return on Investment

Over our extensive history, TMC has an outstanding average of a 42% savings provided to our client, saving up to 92% in some cases. While savings does vary depending on a client’s particular situation, our experience and day to day involvement with carrier negotiations, legal contracts, pricing and invoicing, give us a distinct advantage to find errors and negotiate the best agreements for you and your company.

05. Project Support

We don’t rely on vendors or other team members to do our work.  We are there from project start through completion regardless of project depth or complexity, a distinctive feature of our professional service. 

We are a certified woman-owned, small, disadvantaged (WBE, DBE, SBE) business in 10+ states. We can meet any participation requirements you need for your project. We work alongside architects, engineers, construction managers and owner representatives to bring the highest possible value to our client.

06. Participation Goals