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An Inside Look at Technology Management Corporation

Our Story

In 1987, Cheryl O'Brien founded Technology Management Corporation as a premier independent technology and telecommunications consulting firm in Excelsior, Minnesota. TMC was developed on the strong need for someone who would look out for the best interest of the client, not working for the vendors. At that time, the industry was engulfed with big telco carriers and not enough independent consultants to protect the clients.

During the early days of TMC, our presence in Minnesota grew in the corporate world as the technology consulting company that can truly save you millions on your telecom services and technology budget. We worked with most of the big names in Minneapolis and began expanding into other states. 

In the early 2000s, TMC opened up services for IT/AV/Communications (Division 27) Design and became a full service technology consulting and design firm.

Since then, TMC has serviced clients both nationally and internationally, saved over $550 million for clients worldwide, worked with almost every major architecture and engineering firm and became a certified small, women owned business across the United States. We have also dedicated ourselves to supporting our fellow woman-owned small businesses and helping mentor young women starting their businesses.


We are proud to advise on and design sophisticated converged technology infrastructures for industries such as Airports, Sports, Healthcare, Government, Corporate America and Education. We recommend only the best IT solutions for our client's needs and help prepare organizations to smoothly expand and diversify into the future.

To this day, we are proud of our client centered approach to vendor-agnostic technology consulting and have created long-term, entrusted relationships with our clients by ensuring their technology and business success.

Our Mission

To guide our clients through the confusion of their technology systems and network to solve the complexity of converged IT infrastructures, while providing comprehensive technology designs and advisory recommendations which address their current and future needs.

Why Choose TMC?


Trusted Vendor-Agnostic Solutions

Whether it’s vendor-agnostic advising or designing connectivity, SaaS, cloud, voice, A/V, security systems or wireless, TMC can provide stellar solutions, designs and recommendations for our clients. This makes us a trusted one-stop-shop for anything you might need so you know you are always receiving our expert guidance to get exactly what technology is right for you.


Expert RFP Process & Contract Negotiators

Our core competency in the RFP process allows our clients to secure the best solution within the constraints of public procurement. We accomplish this with detailed requirements gathering which translates into precise specifications within the RFP process leading to accurate vendor proposals that are in or under budget. We have access to top tier pricing, through our long-standing industry connections, for almost every service or product a client might need.

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Single Source of Accountability

With a maze of services and products available to you, it can be confusing and time consuming to conduct an analysis of all your options and determine what is best for your organization. TMC can analyze your IT environment, provide resources, and advise on solutions that will give you and your IT department exactly what you need to move forward, without the extra time and major expense. TMC is unique in the fact that we are also IT Design Professionals so we can ensure your network and IT infrastructure is designed correctly to work with the chosen solutions.


Experienced Technology Professionals

TMC’s staff of experienced technology professionals offers expertise in all areas of sophisticated converged IT infrastructures and technologies. Our technology professionals have an average of 30 years of technology industry experience. TMC and our consultants have worked on hundreds of projects over the last 35 years with retailers, corporate, government, healthcare, and more. TMC's consultants hold many of the major certifications for cyber security, software/hardware, project management and more.


Money Saver & Time Multipler

Over our extensive history, TMC has an outstanding average of a 42% savings provided to our client, saving up to 92% in some cases. While savings does vary depending on a client’s particular situation, our experience and day to day involvement with carrier negotiations, legal contracts, pricing and network topology, give us a distinct advantage to find errors, area s of improvement and negotiate the best solutions for your organization. We even have examples where we have prevent employee layoffs through our services and the resultant savings on technology/telecom.


Consultants with an Eye for Design

TMC oversees all aspects of the Division 27 scope of a new construction, renovation or relocation project. From pre-SD to CA, we manage the maze of vendors, services and equipment install. We manage RFIs/CO requests to minimize financial impact, product substitutions and project timeline extensions due to consistently expanding supply chain challenges. Our knowledge and connections are so extensive from these vendors and integrators, that we are like an insurance policy for the technology scope.


Technology Tools & Resources

We have access to technology tools that allow us to locate fiber and connectivity directly to a client's building. We are able to give budget predictability on a project through our access to real time pricing for all technologies. In addition, our tools allow us to quickly navigate different technologies to save time on a given project. Whether it’s connectivity, WAN/LAN, cloud, voice, A/V, security systems or wireless, TMC can provide stellar resources and solutions.


Diversity Involvement

We are a certified woman-owned, small, disadvantaged (WBE, DBE, SBE) business in 10+ states. We can meet any participation requirements you need for your project. We work alongside architects, engineers, construction managers and owner representatives to bring the highest possible value to our client.

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