IT Consulting
& Design Services

Founded in 1987, TMC is a leading Technology Consulting & Low Voltage Design firm with a top caliber team of consultants. We pride ourselves in our client-centered approach that has proven successful over the last 30+ years. Our mission is to help companies stay ahead of the ever-changing technology landscape, increase the efficiency of IT systems and save companies money in the process.


Our Services

Our team has over 100 years of cumulative experience in Technology Consulting, IT/AV Low Voltage Design and Telecom Audits services.

Technology Consulting

From IT Strategic Planning and Corporate Relocations to Technology Refreshes and Cyber Security, we provide full service IT consulting including a technology needs analysis, managed RFP process and post-implementation onsite inspections.

IT/AV Low Voltage Design

Low voltage design services from pre-design through construction administration, for technologies such as structured cable, fiber, TRs, data centers, WAN, LAN, A/V, CCTV, voice system, Wi-Fi, DAS, collaboration systems, way finding, smart technologies and more.

Telecom Audit & Cost Reduction

U.S Businesses lose $13 billion per year in telecom billing overcharges. Only 2% is ever recovered. Over the last 33 years, we have saved over $287 million for our clients. We go beyond the bill audit and analyze your network for greater efficiency and maximum savings.


“Not only did you save us a significant amount of money, but you also took what could have been a long process, executed quickly and lead us to a solution that met our needs.”

National Retail Chain


Over the last 33 years, we have serviced every major industry with our services.







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