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IT Advisory & Consulting


Areas of Expertise

  • Technology Refreshes & RFP Process

  • Cloud Migrations & Professional Services

  • Voice System Replacement

  • Wide Area Network Design & Optimization

  • IT Strategic Planning

  • Corporate Relocations and Virtualizations

  • Cyber Security

  • Mobility, DAS and Radio Implementations

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We have spent the last 35 years in business providing technology advisory services to clients that need expert guidance with their converged IT infrastructures. We help our clients with the following:


  • Establish standards, reduce risk, increase efficiency and create a 5-year technology strategic plan.

  • Relocate your company and all the technology that goes with it to another location or maybe even make it completely virtual with work-from-home trends.

    • Contract negotiation for early termination of leases and thus IT services to your location.​

    • Negotiate the best rates for increase in virtual software licenses and equipment.

    • Reduce costs on underutilized internet/telecom services at corporate offices.

    • Navigate terminating and/or moving current IT infrastructure when ending a lease.

    • Prevent new environment cyber security risks.

  • Upgrade to the latest technology by using our proven methodology and RFP process.

  • Redesign your wide area network (WAN) for diversity and high availability with cloud and enterprise solutions for securing infrastructure and saving money.

  • Protect your company against growing threats of ransomware and phishing attacks, especially in virtual environments.

Client Examples

Over the last 35 years, we have serviced every major industry with our Technology Consulting services. Here's are a few examples.


Target Center Arena



County, MN


Independent School Districts of MN


Dallas Area Rapid Transit


Northern Tool & Equipment



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