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IT/AV/Communications/Network Design Services


Areas of Expertise

  • Voice/Data Structured Cable

  • Outside Plant Fiber & Copper

  • Server Rooms / Data Centers

  • WAN / LAN

  • A/V Systems, Collaboration & Conference Rooms

  • ERRC Testing

  • Way Finding & Digital Signage Systems

  • Wi-Fi and Access Point Systems

  • CCTV & Access Control Systems

  • IP Telephony System

  • Cellular and Public Safety Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

  • IT Multimedia and specialized software systems

  • Smart technologies

How does our building’s technology get connected? How do I get fiber into my building? What is a server room or a data center? These are all questions that TMC can answer and help you understand. When constructing a new building or remodeling one, there is a lot to do and one very important piece that cannot be overlooked. Your building will need a robust IT infrastructure backbone for all of your technology.

Technology Management Corporation (TMC) has over 35 years of experience in design, specification and implementation project management for technology infrastructure (Division 25, 27, 28). TMC consultants know what to look for and can identify opportunities for technology changes to ensure greatest efficiency and increase productivity of your building. Our team works through the entire design process from Pre-Design through Construction Administration to achieve the best design and implement technologies into new or renovated buildings.

With this information we can design, negotiate, recommend and oversee system installation. We know the technology, the vendors and how to put an effective system together of you.

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Access to Technology Resources

Our connectivity navigator and data center locator are just two of the resources we can provide.

Connectivity Finder.png
Data Center Locator.png

Client Examples

Over the last 35 years, we have serviced every major industry with our IT/AV Low Voltage Design services. Here's are a few examples.


US Bank Stadium


City of Minneapolis Public Service Building


Sioux Center Community Hospital


Dunwoody College of Technology


Orlando International Airport



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