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How to Avoid Added Technology Expenses with Remote Working

With businesses world-wide feeling the ramifications of COVID-19, you may be considering consolidating your office space, relocating, renovating or even making your company 100% virtual.

Corporate relocations, consolidations or moving to a remote environment can drastically affect your technology expenses. It can also result in the added expense of ending technology services early, relocating your equipment to a new space and getting your service providers to negotiate with you on the best rates.

Ways to mitigate the negative impact of this transition:

  • Reduce costs on underutilized internet/telecom services at your corporate office.

  • Navigate terminating and/or moving current IT infrastructure when ending a lease.

  • Relocate technology equipment to your new space or employee's homes.

  • Negotiate the best rates for licenses, equipment and telecom services for remote employees.

  • Prevent increased cyber security risks due to remote infrastructure.

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