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Now Offering ERRC Testing

TMC can offer pre and post construction RF testing for both in-building cellular or public safety/ERRC enhancement. More and more cities and counties are mandating public safety DAS (distributed antenna systems) on any net-new or renovated buildings for police, fire and EMT communication during emergency events.

More About ERRC Testing & Why It's Important

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC)

The problem — Firefighters enter a building responding to a fire. While for this column the type of fire is not important, the fact that personnel are inside the building is important. As firefighters approach the fire area, they realize the situation is beyond their capabilities. They need additional assistance and equipment to handle the emergency. The firefighters radio their dispatch center, requesting additional personnel and equipment. They wait for the dispatch center to reply, but there is no reply. Then they try to radio other responding engines on the street right outside the building. Again, there is no reply. They try both methods again and get no reply. The firefighters know they cannot handle the incident without assistance, so they decide to make their way back outdoors to communicate with anyone outside of the building.

The result — Precious time is lost while trying to find a location where radio communications are possible. In many cases, firefighters need to travel completely outside of the building to make use of their radios. In the worst case, firefighters inside the building are trapped or injured, and they cannot make contact with anyone to provide their status or location.

The solution — This situation can be mitigated by providing Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC) inside the building. This will allow the use of a fire department's existing handheld radios inside buildings, so firefighters or other emergency personnel inside the building can communicate with personnel outside the building, on the roof or at the dispatch center. The intent of the Emergency Responder Radio Coverage system is to provide a tool for emergency responders to maintain radio communications during an incident, and a higher level of protection and safety for firefighters while inside buildings. The ERRC system improves operational effectiveness by allowing the use of the existing communications system and equipment and by avoiding the need to use special radio frequencies or systems, intercoms or mobile repeaters in stressful emergency situations.


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