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Top 3 Reasons Why Companies Choose TMC for Corporate Relocations

It should be no surprise that more problems arise in IT than in any other area during a relocation.

As leaders in the IT industry for over 30 years, TMC specializes in every aspect of IT relocation and making the transition seamless.

Our focus is to streamline technology, increase efficiency and reduce costs so you can get the most out of your new facility.

Top 3 reasons why companies choose TMC for their corporate relocation:

#1. Total Independence. TMC is vendor-neutral which means we provide solutions that are in your best interest, not the vendors bottom line.

#2. Significantly better pricing. As expert technology contract negotiators, TMC creates a competitive bid process which gives you the best possible pricing and terms.

#3. Single source accountability. With a maze of vendors, providers and equipment, TMC oversees all aspects of IT relocation, from site selection to occupancy. We understand each technology and seamlessly fit them together.

How TMC adds value to your corporate relocation:

  • Providing a solution to complex and time-consuming IT relocation.

  • Adding a dedicated, experienced team of technology professionals.

  • Reducing technology costs for on-going future growth.

Are you moving your headquarters? Check out our full list of capabilities:

Corporate Relocation - Client Brochure
Download PDF • 4.77MB

Are you a relocation consultant that wants a technology partner to help clients with relocations? Check out our full list of capabilities:

Corporate Relocation - Partner Brochure
Download PDF • 4.77MB


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